Thursday, July 23, 2009

you're witnessing history

one thing i love about baseball is the chance for the extraordinary. each and every game has the chance to be historical or to see a first. today, mark buehrle made history as he threw the 17th perfect game in regular season major league history. buehrle, who is my pick as the next 300 game winner, has faced the minimum number of batters before though. he faced 27 batters in his 2007 no-hitter against texas. his only baserunner that game came when he walked sammy sosa in the fifth inning. after only 2 pitches, buerle picked off sosa.

great job by mark, but what seperated this game from the other 16 is that it included another spectactular event. josh fields hit a grand slam to help fuel the 5-0 win over the tampa bay rays. this was the first grand slam in a perfect game.

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