Wednesday, July 1, 2009

busting wax vs. ebay

so every time i look at iamjoecollect's site, i'm tempted to buy some wax. it does look fun and exciting, but when it comes down to it, i just can't pull the trigger. ebay is just far too enticing. i would much rather spend 8 bucks for the 2 autos that i actually want. its just too frustrating to spend $60 on a box to get 2 autos that i don't want. its not really a money thing either. sure, if i'm not going to get the cards i'm after, i'd rather get the good hits so i can recoup my money. i think i'll just stick to letting joe collector buy the boxes, and he can show me what he gets.


Fuji said...

i'm with you... every time i start thinking about ripping packs/boxes of a product... i punch it into the youtube search engine and watch others break the boxes. this usually satisfies my craving or turns me away from the product all together.

stusigpi said...

Box breaking should never be done one at a time, its so hit or miss. Notice I tend to find a product that has a high retail but has sunk a bit in the recent months. That means there are generally good hits available. I basically bought a case of 08 heroes but in two parts. I'll tell you that I got what I consider to be 2 cases worth of case hits.

If I had a more limited budget I would probably just buy the cards I wanted. I did that for a while but I ended up not enjoying my collection as much. The downside is I end up with a pant load of base cards.

I just watched AR Platinum's 07 and 08 Exquisite Case breaks, that stuff is outrageous. Sure he puled an Eli/Peyton dual auto, a flacco patch auto, ryan quad jersey, Emmit Smith patch, a nice triple, but that is $1400 he plunked down, although I am pretty sure its a group break. He got killed on the 07 break. Even I don't do that stuff, although I am tempted by a cheap case of 07 exquisite. I am sure it isn't searched.

I'm just glad people enjoy seeing what I get in my breaks.

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