Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i search for this everyday
michael robinson finest


everyday i get up and type that search into ebay. im looking for my last piece of the rainbow. ive missed out on it twice. im looking for a 2006 finest michael robinson gold refractor. the last one went for only 9 bucks. i wasn't paying attention to the time and forgot to bid. that was a tough one to take. the one before it went for $30, and i just wasnt willing to pay that. this has been a tough set to put together. im not even really expecting to find the 1/1's. i have the base, refractor, xfractor, blue refractor, blue xfractor, green refractor, green xfractor, black refractor, black xfractor, and the gold xfractor. just missing the regular gold. does anybody have one of these laying around somewhere?

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