Sunday, July 26, 2009

before there was doc halladay...

there was doc gooden. dwight gooden was born too late. can you even begin to imagine the hype that would surround him if he were drafted two years ago? 07 bowman draft would be the absolute hottest item right now if they had autos of gooden in their product. a 19 year old who goes 17-9 with a 2.60 era and leads the league with 276 ks. thats exactly what doc did in his rookie campiagn of 1984.

many might think that he had reached his ceiling. how could you possibly improve on those numbers. well, in 1985, doc did just that. here is his line for the year: 24-4, 1.53 era, 16 cg, 8 sho, 268 k. that line ranks up there with some of the best pitching seasons ever.

sadly, doc got caught up in drugs and derailed his promising career. today, you can pick up a nice on card auto from 2005 ud origins for a reasonable price.

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Fuji said...

wow... that guy got a steal... $5.24 dlvd for a dwight gooden on-card auto. nice pick up. i remember chasing his rookies back in the day. all of my buddies used to argue who was better... gooden or clemens. i was a gooden backer. guess i was wrong... but who cares.. this guy was untouchable for a couple of seasons.