Tuesday, July 7, 2009

would you take this chance?

here we have an interesting auction. it is for the redemption pictured above. as you can see it's a 2009 finest redemption for rookie #10. it is also a gold refractor of whoever rookie #10 turns out to be. the $200 buy it now price might seem a bit high, but what if it's stephen strasburg? what if it's autographed? surely if that were the case, this redemption would be worth much much more based on the sales of his other low numbered autos. so i ask 2 questions. what do you think strasburg's chances of making it to the bigs this year are? and what do you think the chances of him being redemption #10?

1 comment:

stusigpi said...

No chance at the bigs, and no chance at more than $50 for that card. None of these redemptions have held their value.