Wednesday, July 8, 2009

jump on it now

if you witnessed brett anderson's dismantling of the red sox on monday, you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of what this guy is capable of. in the past, anderson has been pegged as a command/control lefty, but with a steady 92-94 fastball that occasionally touches 97, he is much more than that.

home runs have been a problem, but he hasn't surrendered any in his last 3 starts covering 19 1/3 innings. he does indeed have good control as shown by his 2.54 SO/BB ratio, and honestly, at 21 years old, the guy has tremendous upside but still a lot to learn.

anderson has some autos available from his time with team usa in 2005. i recommend jumping on this one now instead of buying a impulse blaster and a couple packs from target.

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