Monday, July 27, 2009

lets make a deal: detroit

why detroit wants halladay: they are currently leading the al central by 2 games over the chisox. i've seen numerous statistical analysis about how halladay would add 3-5 wins for a team. this would all but insure a division title for the tigers. the real value in halladay is having him pitch at least 2 games in any playoff series. you have to like your chances there. he also has pitched his entire career against top teams like the yankees and red sox and has proven to be able to handle these teams. so now you'd have halladay along with the rest of detroit's pitching staff, and suddenly they look like big time contenders.

detroit does have some nice young pitching prospects, but i see this deal working like this. dontrelle willis is currently earning 10 million this year working through his anxiety issues in triple a. he's due 12 million next year. the tigers have also been trying to get out of magglio ordonez's contract. he'll likely make his clauses, and that would put him at 18 million in 2010 and 15 million in 2011. so here is the deal. halladay and wells to detroit for willis, ordonez, and one prospect.

why this works for both teams: detroit gets halladay!! nuff said. they also dont take a big hit financially and they are out from under the ordonez contract. they are saddled with wells' contract instead, but he is alot younger than ordonez, and they really have a good shot at winning the next 2 titles. toronto gets rid of the awful wells contract. they also get more financial relief after 2011 and some of those compensation picks as well. dont sleep on willis who has proven that he is an effective pitcher in the past. if he can get his head straightened out, then this would be a really good deal.

probability of this deal getting done: medium. this is my dark horse deal if the phils are stupid and refuse to give up kyle drabek.


Anonymous said...

Not a chance in the world of this getting done. Toronto would look like idiots to the rest of the world.

However, if this really did happen we would be dancing in the streets in Detroit. But I don't think Dombrowski could work that kind of magic even with David Copperfield's help.

Welden Waverspy said...

if you look at what riccardi is trying to accomplish, it makes sense to give away halladay if they can in turn get rid of wells' contract. he is due 21 million next year (8.5 of which is part of his signing bonus), 23 million in 2011 and 21 million in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

its crippling what they are trying to do. toronto might look like idiots to eveyone else, but they'd be way closer to putting together a winning ballclub.