Thursday, July 2, 2009

some talent for a change

so the pirates traded 2/3 of their starting outfield away for the second consecutive year. the first move, trading nate mclouth, didn't make any sense to me. it wasn't the fact that they traded one of their more talented players. i've come to expect that. the really disappointing thing was that it seemed like they could have gotten a lot more for him. if they had kept him until the trading deadline, i think the pirates could have made a big score with some top prospects.

i was really excited about the other trade. the pirates essentially exchanged nyjer morgan for lastings milledge. to me, that was huge. milledge is a very talented player. probably the most talented player the pirates have had since bonds. this was a steal. i don't mean to knock morgan, but he wasn't a baseball player. a great athlete? yes. a good baseball player? no. this trade make perfect sense, and i'm hopeful for the future. i'm going to try to lowball this milledge card to add to my collection.

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