Monday, July 13, 2009

just another recent ebay purchase (jarep)

i recently picked up this beauty from the bay. i had tried to win it earlier in the year but was outbid. i made sure that didn't happen this time. i won the auction for $3.35. throw in another $3 for shipping, and it will be mine for a total of $6.35. it was a little bit more than i wanted to pay, but i dont see these available very often.

the shipping is a bit steep. not that $1 or 75 cents really means that much, but i dont see how these sellers justify charging $3 or more for standard shipping. i charge $2.25. its about $1.25 usually for shipping itself, 11 cents for the for the toploader and penny sleeve., and 45 cents for the bubble mailer. i swear the bubble mailers have gone up in price about 33% in the last year or so. my total expenses for shipping are about $1.80 so i guess i could come down some as well, but $3, even though its pretty standard, just makes me mad some times.

what do you charge for shipping?

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stusigpi said...

Really depends on what I am shipping. I don't sell much if at all on ebay but I try to leave $3 for my Paypal fees and shipping of cards on my group breaks. I end up taking a bit of a loss on them actually but I have fun doing them so no big deal.

In defense of sellers that charge $3, the shipping on most cards in a bubble mailer runs 1.30 or so plus .80 for delivery confirmation. What cheeses me is the $3.50 plus $1 a card for each extra one.