Saturday, July 25, 2009

lets make a deal: phillies

why philadelphia wants halladay: they are 5.5 gmaes up on florida and atlanta. i have serious doubt that either of those teams will actually push the defending champions, but winning the division isnt the goal here. the goal is winning another world series, and having halladay would surely make them the NL favorites for this year and next. the asking price is also very reasonable. the phils certainly have a deep farm system, and losing the likes of kyle drabek, j.a. happ, and dominic brown wouldnt be considered mortgaging the future. really i think the blue jays could get one more piece from them. also, remember this, if halladay were to leave after next season, the phils would get 2 first round picks.

probability of this deal getting done: high, it makes sense for the phils, and they have the resources necessary to get this deal done.

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