Thursday, July 16, 2009

lets make a deal

new series that will be running until the non-waiver trading deadline. its called lets make a deal. ill come up with trades that could land the jewel of this trading season: roy halladay. first up is the chicago white sox.

before i start, i want to give my thoughts on trading halladay. first, i like the idea. it has to be done if you're toronto. second, the price will be at least 2 first round caliber plays and another very good prospect, or 1 good prospect if the jays can swap out vernon wells' contract for another big, but less hurtful, contract.

why chicago wants halladay: they are only 3.5 games back of detroit right now in a very winnable central division. halladay would almost certainly make them the favorites right away. the chisox would feel much better with gavin floyd as there #3 man if halladay were their ace.

what it will take: gordon beckham, aaron por- wait hold up, if it takes beckham, chicago is not doing this deal. they would be more likely to do the wells deal. so its wells and halladay for jermaine dye and pithing prospect john ely.

probability of this deal happening: low. money wise, chicago has all their money tied up in pitching, 1b, dh, and dye. since wells would need a spot and chicago would need some payroll relief, dye makes the most sense. the only problem is that dye has been their most productive offensive player this year. replacing him with wells, who will make twice as much next year, is just plain offensive.

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