Thursday, June 25, 2009

something i have my eye on

i usually don't post about items that i want, but i thought i'd give this one a shot. here is an auction for a box of my favorite product as a kid. frank thomas has always been my favorite player so when i saw an insert set totally devoted to the big hurt, i fell in love.

the frank set isn't the only perk though. the base cards were very nice for the time and the heading for the hall inserts were nice as well. i remember pulling a nolan ryan heading for the hall. it was definitely one of my biggest pulls for a long time. being 8 years old at the time, i wasn't able to bust much wax. what is your favorite set of the early '90s?

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Joe S. said...

Favorite of the early 90's... that's tough! I really like '92 Studio... the whole high school yearbook vibe - including the player bios on the back - are always entertaining to read. I'm also partial to '92 Upper Deck because it was the first unopened box I ever purchased.