Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a recent purchase of mine

this bad boy cost me $8.51 including the shipping. i was pretty happy to get it. it's not every day you see a patch card with this many colors on it. the seller listed it as a 4 color patch, but you can see that it's clearly a 5 color patch. count em: gray, black, white, red, and blue.

i started collecting hank this year after adrian gonzalez got off to a hot start. i had been collecting adrian for a couple years. it sucks being priced out of your player, but i'm not complaining too much. i did make about $130 selling 5 autos that i bought for maybe $16 with shipping. it's definitely funded my blalock collection. i now about 15 autos and 6 patches including the beauty to the right.

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