Monday, June 29, 2009

mo gets no. 500

mariano rivera has had a remarkable career. last night he picked up save number 500 against the mets. what has been so incredible about that number is the fact that rivera has one pitch. he throws his famous cutter, and that is it. just sit back and digest that a bit. i mean he has consistently dominated big leagues with one pitch. this never happens. it doesn't matter if you throw a 105 mph heater. you won't make it very far if that's your only pitch. major league hitters are way to good to be dominated by one pitch, one speed. yet mo has established himself as the most reliable and dominate post season closer in history. oh and his regular season numbers aren't too shabby either.

so before you run out and drop another c-note on another prospect, give this card a look. it's from back in the day when getting a certified auto in a pack was a thrilling prospect.

back to mo's cutter. i think that's the one pitch i'd like to step in the batters box and try to hit. anyone else up for that?

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