Friday, March 6, 2009

is this really possible?

so i bet you collect a specific player. its ok to admit it, most people do. i'd be willing to bet that over the course of the last year, you've spent at least $12.50 on one of that player's cards. it might have been a jersey patch or a low serial numbered autograph. chances are, if your player is a prospect, he won't even make it to the show.

now let's look at what you could have spent your money on. here is a beautiful game used jersey card of a hall of famer. i'm speaking about none other than teddy ballgame. this williams card sold recently for $12.50. that was the actual price too as the seller was offering free shipping. i'm kicking myself for not bidding on this one. I got caught up at work, and by the time i made it home, it was over.

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