Friday, March 20, 2009

' roids or not? juan gonzalez edition

juan gonzalez was one of my favorite players growing up. he won 2 mvp awards and drove in the 27th most runs in history in 1998 with 157. for his career he hit 434 HR to go with a .295 average and over 1400 RBI. he also averaged 42 HR for every 162 games played. no too shabby.

case for: well canseco pointed a finger at juan. his HR numbers were huge during the steroid era, and they dropped off the face of the earth when testing began. essentially, his career ended with testing. now, in all fairness, injuries played a big role in his demise never playing more than 140 games after 2001. but injuries could also point to a history of using PEDs. steroids have been linked to making users more suspect to ligament and tendon injuries. also, hgh is thought to allow quicker healing from injuries. he won his second mvp award in 1998, the same year the NL MVP was also likely using them.

case against: he did hit 46 homers in 1992, the year before canseco became his teammate so its not like his power numbers came out of nowhere. injuries provide a perfectly reasonable explanation for his decline. it could be just a coincidence that it happened at the start of testing. a quick google search of "juan gonzalez charity" reveals that he does sell autographs for charity.

do you have anything to add? is juan gone guilty or not?

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