Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'roids or not?

i'm going to start a little series called 'roids or not. i'll try to make a case for the player using roids and a case for the player not juicing. i'll let the readers decide. this is a democracy, so majority rules.

first up, bret boone. you may remember this ripped second baseman from his days with the mariners. in his career, he posted a .266 batting average, 252 home runs and 1,021 RBI in 1,780 games in 14 Major League seasons.

case for steroids:

from 1994-1997, boone had a 162 game home run average of 14. now, when you look at 1998-2003 that average jumped to 28. his 2001 season was truely remarkable 2001 season which included 37 HR, 37 2B, 141 RBI, and a .331 average. boone again put up big numbers in the last season of non-annonymus testing in 2003. that season included 35 HR, 35 2B, and 117 RBI. his numbers dipped in 2004, not dramatically but noticable. he only managed to play 88 games the following season with 7 HR. that was his last season. he went from 35 HR at 34 years old to out of baseball at 36. besides, have you seen pictures of the guy.

case for clean:
well, there are 2 arguments for saying that a player is clean. first, his numbers didn't change after MLB started testing. boone fails this one miserably. second, you have to prove that the guy has character, integrity, or morals. now how does one prove this? it's hard to say. you'd have to dig into his personal life pretty deep to get a true answer, but for the purpose of this writing, i think charity work or community work would make a good litmus test. i'm a pretty good google searcher, but i still couldn't find any news stories or articles about boone and his charity or community work. if anyone can find one, i'd be happy to include it in this defense.

so what do you think? juicer or not?
bret boone circa 2002 bret boone circa 1996

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