Thursday, February 19, 2009

crazy buy it now prices

i've recently decided to change the focus of my collecting. i used to collect just frank thomas cards. the big hurt is on his last wheels career wise so i decided to find someone else to start collecting. i dabbled in dennis eckersley autos for a while, but i didn't like spending between $10 and $15 per card.

i settled on adrian gonzalez. he's the young slugging first baseman for the san diego padres. this has been a fun en devour. i scour ebay for autos going for under $5. i've picked up quite a few. i've also been putting together a rainbow from 2007 topps brands. i have pretty much every parallel except the red and red refractor from bowman and bowman chrome, the red refractor from topps chrome, and the superfractor from finest.

lately, i've been getting into pittsburgh pirates hall of famers. i've been focusing on relics and autos. recently i ran across a max carey cut auto with a buy it now(bit) or best offer(obo) price of $200. this just seemed ridiculous to me because the card was numbered to 72. its not a rare card! combine that with the fact that there is at least 278 other cut autos of him in other products. also, his slabbed psa/dna index card autos go for bit $20 which is essentially what a cut auto card is.

so i offered the guy $25 for the card. he was not too happy with me for the offer and wrote me that it was a waste of his time and he's blocking me from bidding. the real waste of time though, was putting the effort into writing that message. i have a feeling that he's going to wish someday that he took my offer. i'll post more on that later though.

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