Wednesday, May 12, 2010

current obsession

2005 sweet spot classic materials. i'm currently at 16 of 83. i have dawson, mazeroski, winfield (both of them), mathews, wynn, f robinson, carter, j robinson, grace, ryan, clemente, carlton (one with stripe, one that's powder blue), paige, perez, and berra. so i guess im looking to trade if you have any extra.

this one has probably been my favorite.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ebay experts needed

there are 2 cards, card x and card y. card x is a game used card of icon a and numbered to 15. card y is also a game used card of icon a, but its a dual game used card and also has icon b on it as well. card y is numbered to 75. the game used material of icon a seems to be the same size, shape, and type in each card.

so here's what i need opinions on. card x is about to go for about $175, while card y is listed at $125 OBO. how much do you think card y would bring in an open auction?

edit: @joecollector, few more notes 1)how could i forget card x is actually a 1/1 sick mojo as its numbered 1/15. i don't think its a big collectors set either. 2)the prices of icon a's other game used stuff does seem to be more heavily population dependent than most. 3)another example of card x that was not properly titled sold for $100 less just 5 days ago. 4) icon b's game used stuff goes for nowhere near what you might expect.