Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my $0.02 on the ud beckett exquisite fiasco

honestly, i don't see what the uproar is. regardless of what you think about beckett, it only makes sense for a card company to let them open products. this is just smart advertising. i mean look at all the fuss that was created over a $2k case of cards. they couldn't buy this kind of attention for a measly 2 thousand dollars. unfortunately, beckett still is the most visible card publication out there. i stopped getting my monthly issue long ago, but that doesn't mean plenty others stopped. i realize that ebay prices are a way better representation of a cards true value, but that doesn't mean others have accepted it.

as far as a conflict of interest, i just don't see it. yes they could skew card values that they pull, but its not like we're talking about gold or platinum here. those things have what i'll call "real" value. its something that is traded constantly in a global market where a buyer is easiy found. a card's value is different. just because beckett lists the price as $XXXX.XX doesn't mean its worth anything. its only worth what they could get for it, and many pontential high end buyers realize this.

bottom line is that we're only talking about $2000 worth of cards. its not that much. i'm sure more than $2000 worth of exquisite will be stolen this year. the people who want to buy this will still be able to. if you have a problem with UD or beckett, i suggest just ignoring them. because going on rants about how awful this act was isn't going to make it go away. like they say, any publicity is good publicity.

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